The Pitfalls of Land Dispute &its Implication en-route for Economic Development in Tanzania


  • Dr. Saphy L. Bullu


land, land conflict, land dispute,Land Scarcity, Land Invasion.


This paper articulates the conflict of the earth and its involvement in society, towards economic development in Tanzania. The author seeks to highlight the emergence of problems based on colonial rules that, in one way or another, facilitate the conflict of the earth for individuals. As has been proven, many land issues are caused by the legal system which the government inherits from the colonial leaders. In order to explore land disputes for society, some of the issues, including the status and development of land ownership, should be demonstrated. For instance, the issue of land tenure and its’ categories has to be among the contents of this paper in order to indicate whether its existence in one way or another assist on the contribution of land dispute in Tanzania. The conflict over land is not something new not only in Tanzania, but in all places where land is available and society is there. The history of Tanzania has shown its existence since then, that is why various legal instruments including laws, regulations and policy established for safety measure in the country and its’ citizen. This paper is going to expose some of the selected pitfalls of land dispute towards economic development.

Author Biography

Dr. Saphy L. Bullu

Law Lecturer, Department of Law, The Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania