Relevance of Agriculture- Nutrition Linkage for Human Healthcare: A Conceptual Legal Framework of Implication and Pathways


  • Dr. Bhupinder Singh


Agriculture, Nutrition, Food, Law, Health


The multidisciplinary nature of the science of nutrition, lying in both the natural (biological) and social scientific fields, demands that students of nutrition have a basic understanding of the many branches of science and that they should be ready to integrate different concepts from these different disciplines. While clothing and shelter have emerged as basic needs within the due course of human evolution, right from the start of life, food has been the primary source of energy and existence. Nutrition and food is one of the necessities for the sustenance of life. It's no wonder to mention that community health is national wealth. Over the centuries of human existence on planet Earth, food, clothing, and shelter have emerged because of the three necessities. The dependence on food grew manifold with the rapid rise within the global population and today, it is one among the main concerns for several of the countries, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries, to satisfy the food demand of its population.

Author Biography

Dr. Bhupinder Singh


Associate Professor, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed-to-be) University, Delhi- NCR Campus, India