COVID- 19 Pandemic and Public Healthcare: Endless Downward Spiral or Solution via Rapid Legal and Health Services Implementation with Patient Monitoring Program


  • Dr. Bhupinder Singh


Downward Spiral, Patient Monitoring, Diseases, Rapid Legal Response


People’s suffering from COVID- 19 pandemic is a major challenge before the international and national healthcare agencies. Good health is considered to be a priority among all people and globally, the awareness of maintaining good health is the central agenda to fight with virus, bacteria and illness. The World Health Organization, 1948 (WHO) rationalizes and fosters the provisions regarding public healthcare and issues various guidelines to member nations to prepare for fight against the disease and promotes measures for better health. A novel strain of corona virus (nCoV-2019) was identified and formidable outbreak of pneumonia short of a clear cause in the city of Wuhan (China) in December 2019 and also stretched worldwide. The official name of this disease was given as Corona virus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) by World Health Organization. The infection due to pneumonia can be threatening for life to anyone and the symptoms for this disease may include a cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. There are more chances of transmission from one person of this virus infection which may happen over droplet or contact transmission. Still, there is no exact treatment for COVID-19 though many medicines for the cure for this virus are under research. The laboratories diagnose this virus disease by using real-time RT-PCR “real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction” test to detect.

Author Biography

Dr. Bhupinder Singh


Associate Professor, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed-to-be) University, Delhi-NCR Campus, India